When you have a building that needs to be sealed, look to Fluid Applied LLC.  We are the Puget Sound's leader in commercial and residential fluid applied monolithic membrane installation because we are knowledgeable and experienced.   

Fluid Applied Weather Report:  Wet and stormy outside.  Dry and Warm Inside.  


Fluid Applied LLC  applies the best performing Weather Barriers on the market.  Our products meet and often exceed architect specifications for projects.  We work closely with architects, consultants, contractors and owners to ensure the final building will withstand all of the moisture here in the Pacific Northwest.  The same weather barrier products that keep the water out also keep the air in which reduces energy costs.  Fluid Applied Weather Barriers create a monolithic membrane around the building producing the best protection possible for your building.   

Vapor permeable membrane
StoGuard w/ EmeraldCoat Vapor Permeable Fluid Applied Membrane

Emerald Coat creates an air and water barrier.  Air and Water stays out and moisture vapor can escape.

StoCoat Lotusan:   Lotus - Effect

Sto Corp has incorporated some new technology into their Sto line of building coatings.  This stuff is amazing!  Lotus effect mimics the lotus leaf.  Water just runs off taking the dirt with it.  



​Fluid Applied, LLC​

​​Professional WRB Installers

Fluid Applied LLC of Puget Sound.  

Fluid Applied LLC installs weather resistant barriers on projects in the Puget Sound area including Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Joint Base Lewis McChord JBLM and many other cities through out the Puget Sound here in Washington.  

Air Barrier - Weather Resistant Barrier